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Accelerate Legal Hold for eDiscovery

Proactive eDiscovery cuts data collection costs by half and streamlines legal hold

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Reduce cost and complexity of eDiscovery

Manage legal holds across an organization, reducing reliance on custodians and minimizing the risk of spoliation.

Minimize downstream review and processing cost

Enable legal admins to process legal holds faster and drastically minimize data volume handed downstream with pre-culled data, reducing expenses.

Ensure authenticity and minimize data spoliation

Capture extended metadata, keep full audit trails, and maintain chain of custody, ensuring authenticity and alignment with EDRM requirements.

Preserve in place legal holds

Enable IT to quickly respond to legal inquiries, identify custodians faster with federated search, and securely place legal holds on stored data.

Solve data collection challenges

With Druva, you have a single source of truth for enterprise data, eliminating the time, effort, and cost
involved in collecting data from multiple silos. Druva integrates seamlessly with Exterro’s eDiscovery
platform, enabling legal and IT teams to easily manage legal holds.

How it works

Druva’s solution streamlines eDiscovery data collection and preservation processes.

Capture user data with a non-intrusive approach

Federated search identifies and locates files, versions, deleted files, departed employee data, storage, and geographical locations via snapshots.

The Druva Difference

Policy and rules automation provides compliance monitoring tools to easily keep account of key regulations, report violations, and implement defensible deletion.

Simple, comprehensive legal hold

Streamline legal hold management across your organization and reduce reliance on custodians while minimizing the risk of data spoliation.

Proactive eDiscovery data collection

Store data by date range and file type. Preserve data across endpoints and cloud applications. Identify legal hold data across users, devices, and locations.

Chain of custody reporting

With Druva, data is fingerprinted for authenticity and meets legal hold defensibility. Metadata is collected per DOJ and EDRM guidelines.