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Don’t Become a Ransomware Statistic. Prepare Now.

67% of those hit by ransomware pay the ransom. Keep yourself protected with IDC’s backup and recovery best practices.

Organizational leaders believe they are ready for a ransomware attack, but analyst firm IDC’s new research illustrates that most are not. Where is the disconnect? Nearly half of surveyed organizations experienced ransomware in the past three years, with two-thirds of those affected paying the ransom, and half experiencing data loss.

Get the full IDC white paper to receive:

  • IDC’s full research methodology and findings
  • KPIs for measuring success in defending against ransomware
  • Considerations and trends in data resilience
  • Key takeaways and best practices you can put into place NOW

What the whitepaper will discuss:

  • The importance of data resilience in organizations where information access is crucial for competitiveness.
  • The rise of cybercrime, particularly ransomware, as a significant IT-related threat.
  • The potential for ransomware to cause severe operational damage to organizations.
  • The role of top management, including CEOs, in responding to ransomware incidents.
  • Challenges in using traditional disaster recovery tools and methods in the face of cyberattacks.

What the you will learn:

  • Strategies for enhancing data resilience to withstand cyber threats.
  • Insights into how ransomware attacks can impact organizational operations.
  • The importance of involving upper management in cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Limitations of traditional disaster recovery solutions in cyberattack scenarios.
  • Approaches for preparing and responding to ransomware attacks effectively.

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