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Druva's Products and Solutions
Fully Managed SaaS Platform

Don't worry about backups. Ever.

Data should be a business asset, not an IT headache or ransomware liability. Druva offers a fresh perspective on data resilience with a fully managed SaaS platform to protect your data wherever it lives – backed by a $10M guarantee!

Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

The most mature and secure SaaS-based platform for data backup,
disaster recovery, cyber resilience, and much more!

Combat cyber exposure. Recover confidently.

Out-of-the-box air-gapped backups, deep visibility into data, and strict SLAs with cloud-scale recovery

Why choose Druva?

Data is at the core of digital innovation and it’s crucial to keep it secure. Since Druva solutions are built on AWS and offered as a service, your workloads can be easily managed and protected. Operating costs are also reduced due to successful software management and capacity planning.

No hardware or software

As-a-service delivery means leaving behind on-premises infrastructure, hardware refresh cycles and time-consuming software maintenance.

Infinite scalability

Since it’s built in the cloud, new capacity can be added to your subscription without the need to purchase or install new appliances or software.

Next-level simplicity

You’ll unlock an intuitive interface and customer experience, in as little as fifteen minutes with no backup target to install, tune or maintain.

Validated with 3 AWS Competency designations

5+ million backups into Amazon S3 daily

Launch partner for VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS Outposts

Only backup vendor with FedRAMP ATO

1 of 18 AWS GovCloud (US) partners

Backup and recovery solutions

Strong performer for data resiliency solutions

Disaster recovery and endpoint backup

Data management company of the year

Industry-leading NPS for customer support

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