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Secure Your Amazon EC2 Against Ransomware

A simple, secure Amazon EC2 backup solution that reduces the risk of cyber threats and cuts storage costs by up to 50%.

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Air-Gapped Backup for Amazon EC2 Workloads

Cut costs in half, remove the need for cross-account and cross-region snapshots, and get immutable backups for superior protection against ransomware.

Simple, scalable backup / snapshot orchestration

Combine snapshot orchestration for fast operational recovery and secure, air-gapped backups for ransomware protection.

Enhanced security and ransomware protection

Keeps your data safe from ransomware, with isolated backup copies stored outside the primary source environment, with immutable policy options.

Radically reduce storage costs

Cut storage costs by up to 50% with best-in-class deduplication, fewer snapshot copies required and cold storage tiering for long-term retention.

Comprehensive SaaS Data Protection for Amazon EC2

Druva is the first 100% SaaS platform to truly combine backups, snapshots, and DR for Amazon EC2 into a single solution, at limitless enterprise-scale.
Maintain global visibility and control with simplified AWS backup management for up to thousands of accounts.

How It Works?

Unified Management of all AWS Resources

At a glance view of all AWS resources across accounts and regions and their protection status.