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Cyber Resiliency

Improve Cyber Resiliency for the Future of Data Threats

Be ready for cyber attacks with data that is always safe, always ready.

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Cyber attack recovery simplified and stress-free

Druva’s cyber resilience solutions keep your backup data safe, help you prepare for cyber attacks, and automate the process of recovering your data.

Protection for modern threats

Block both external and insider threats to back up data with a SaaS platform that is always secure, up to date, and monitored 24/7.

Readiness with global intelligence

Get a centralized view of your data security posture, anomalies and risks, powered by unique insights into local and global security trends.

Accelerated recovery with automation

Point-in-time snapshot recovery isn’t enough. Accelerate your recovery playbook with built-in automations and deep integrations with security tools.

Get the Druva difference

Druva empowers you with smarter security that adapts faster than any other vendor, powered by the deepest, most diverse telemetry in the industry.


100% SaaS-based and immutable air-gapped backups, a zero-trust architecture, and automated patching ensures you can always restore data.


Monitor and manage real-time data security posture with deep observability, anomaly alerts, SIEM integrations, and roll-back of deleted backups.


Recover the most recent clean version of files with Curated Recovery. Certify recovery with SOAR integrations, security workflows, and forensics support.

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with one platform

Cloud backup and data protection FAQ

What is cloud data protection?

Cloud data protection is the practice of securing your personal data or a company’s data in a cloud environment. This is regardless of whether it’s managed by the data owner or a third party. Cloud data protection is becoming increasingly popular and replacing “legacy” systems like protecting, storing, and managing data “on-premises” — on a user’s device or in their data center.

Why should you use the cloud to protect your data?

Reasons to transition from on-premises to cloud-based data protection include limitless access to data backups regardless of geographic location, predictable and often reduced costs, quick and easy deployment, simplicity in IT management, enhanced security, seamless scalability no matter the size of the IT environment, and more.

How are cloud-based backups protected?

Cloud storage is designed for enhanced data security. It leverages encryption and monitors user behavior for anomalies to protect against malware and ransomware, as well as malicious or accidental deletion. Cloud solutions back up data automatically and update backups only when certain files change. This optimizes bandwidth and enables IT to monitor for infection and “roll back” to the perfect snapshot if data becomes compromised.

What makes the cloud more secure than other options for data protection?

Cloud applications include heightened safety measures like multi-factor authentication, immutable backups, and zero-trust security. AI and machine learning monitor the cloud environment for breaches and threats. These systems automatically find compromised files, quarantine them, and accelerate clean data recovery. Companies minimize downtime and get back to business faster — saving money and their reputation in the process.

How can you protect data with the cloud?

As data is backed up to storage in the public cloud, the cloud vendor manages the environment to keep your backup data safe and free your team from ever needing to manage hardware or update software. Your data is secure, available, and accessible from anywhere at any time. The cloud eliminates the need to buy and maintain backup infrastructure, making it the most cost-effective, scalable, and easy-to-manage data protection method.